Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Six Hundred Eighty-Five

August 22, 2017
7.75 Miles in 1:16:54
Mood: Slow and pink
Soundtrack: The Long Winters "When I Pretend To Fall" and "The Worst You Can Do Is Harm"

There is a sizable section of pink flowers at the Streets at Southglenn and they looked really pretty this morning dappled with dew. I think my favorite part of this large chunk of pink flowers is that there is one square of orange flowers randomly inserted within. It is as if the gardener was colorblind or he just ran out of pink bundles and hoped that no one would notice one section of orange popped into an otherwise entirely pink array. It looks a little funny, and I definitely think it goes against the garden master plan, but I like it for it's rebelliousness.

The run was pretty slow this morning. I never fully got into a groove, although I did speed up a little at the end to bring my average mile time under ten minutes by the end. I felt pretty good most of the time, just couldn't bring any pace to the party.

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