Thursday, August 17, 2017

Six Hundred Eighty-Two

August 17, 2017
7.09 Miles in 1:10:12
Mood: Hustling to say "Hi!"
Soundtrack: The Low Anthem "Oh My God, Charlie Darwin" and "What the Crow Brings" / Lord Huron "Lonesome Dreams"

Today was my daughter Ellie's first day of Middle School. She has been apprehensive about going, so I really wanted to support her today. I wrote her a note this morning for her to read at the kitchen table as she ate her breakfast, but I also wanted to see her before she went into the school. I double checked with my wife what time she was going to drop her off at school, and I arranged my morning run so that I thought I would have plenty of time to arrive at Newton Middle School to see her off.

However, I somewhat misjudged how much time it would take to loop around to the school via the Highline Canal, and as a result, as 7:45 inched closer and I was still further away than I was hoping to be, I began to get concerned. I started running about as hard as I could push myself and at 7:42 I texted my wife hoping that I could buy myself just a couple of minutes to get there before Ellie went in. Jen was awesome and they both hung out in front of the school for a couple extra minutes so that I could wish her well before school.

I turned the corner to the entrance of the school just in time and saw my lovely daughter. She didn't want to give me a hug because I was a disgusting sweaty mess, and I don't blame her, but she did give me a fist bump and I think she was glad to see me. I know I was happy to see her, and I was glad to see she had a smile on her face and looked ready to attack the day. She even let me take her picture, which I immediately knew would be the photo for today's run. I'm hoping she had a great day at school, and I'm super glad I was able to push myself hard enough to see her as she started the monumental task of Middle School.

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