Monday, August 14, 2017

Six Hundred Seventy-Nine

August 12, 2017
7.23 Miles in 1:10:29
Mood: Happily appreciating the spray painted arts.
Soundtrack: Grouplove "Big Mess" "Spreading Rumors" and "Never Trust a Happy Song"

I had a rare Saturday running opportunity as my Mother-in-Law was in town which allowed me to take off while she stayed with the kids. I decided it was time to check back in with the Ri-No neighborhood to see what new murals I could find. I was not disappointed as this amazing Tortise and Hare job greeted me. I thought this one was spectacular, although I was a little bummed that the light was not ideal for a photo...although this one came out much better than I expected.

There were a lot of great looking murals, and it made me think that it had been too long since I ventured into Five Points to see what the artists living there had cooked up. I also realized that a Saturday run is a great thing, as I have the same laid back timeframe that I do on a Sunday run without having to go to work the next day.

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