Monday, September 25, 2017

Seven Hundred One

September 24, 2017
7.37 Miles in 1:06:52
Mood: Damp and cheerful
Soundtrack: Cold War Kids "LA DIVINE"

After a whole warm summer, a cold front is a shocking thing to experience. Even if it never got TRULY cold, the rain and temps in the 40s made this weekend a little hard to take. The rain was especially bad on the day previous to this run when I tried to attend an Air Force football game, but had to leave in the first quarter because I was afraid that I might get washed away.

After getting drenched in my less than a quarter of Air Force football, I had negative feelings toward the rain and cold weather in general, however on this particular Sunday morning, the cool felt really good...especially once I got moving. It even briefly rained on me, and I had no real complaints about that. The gray skies were powerfully gloomy, but I felt really good as I ran around Wash Park. There weren't a ton of good photo ops on this run, but when you're at Wash Park, you can always just shoot a picture of the boathouse with the gray clouds reflected in the water and you're good.

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