Friday, October 20, 2017

Seven Hundred Fourteen

October 20, 2017
7.76 Miles in 1:15:46
Mood: Gravity can be bad, and the world is getting spooky.
Soundtrack: What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law / 99% Invisible / Cloud Cult "Love"

About thirty seconds into my run, I was hitting the pavement again. It was exactly five weeks ago that I smashed up my knee and scraped off skin that is only just now healing fully, and today I fell about 20 yards from where I fell last time. This time it was due to a sizable hole in the lawn rather than a crack in the sidewalk, but I skidded along the pavement all the same. Thankfully I fell slightly more gracefully this time and hurt myself much less intensely so the recovery will not take another five weeks. What's weird is I had a premonition as I was getting ready that I might have an accident today. I don't think it was a self-fulfilling prophecy, but it is a little weird.

As for the run, It actually went quite well after the first minute. Today is the first day where it has felt like Halloween season. There are still leaves on many trees, but quite a few have fallen, and the barren trees are beginning to dominate the landscape. Also, the Streets of Southglenn is hosting a Trick or Treat street event this evening, and as I ran past this morning, the fountain and surrounding trees were lit up to be spooky. It actually looked cool enough that I decided to use this photo rather than yet another one of autumn leaved trees. It also felt kinda spooky this morning, as I passed by quite a few houses, and many were decorated for Halloween. I always find it weird the people who set up their front yards to look like cemeteries, complete with gravestones. I just don't get it. I'm not a Halloween junkie by any means, although I do enjoy trick or treating with my kiddos, but the folks that go all out for it weird me out a little. 

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