Monday, November 20, 2017

Seven Hundred Twenty-Nine

November 19, 2017
7.36 Miles in 1:07:17
Mood: Cold and quick, but decidedly unphotogenic.
Soundtrack: The Mountain Goats "All Eternals Deck"

It was chilly and gray at Wash Park. The lack of sunshine left my favorite place in somewhat less that it's peak photographic state, but because it was kind of cold, I didn't really feel like stopping and taking a lot of pictures anyway. I just wanted to run, and my pace was helped by this desire. Keeping moving warms you up, and by my first lap, I was mostly warm and felt good and fast.

It was definitely one of those mornings where I just felt like getting my run in and getting home. My wife even commented that it was too early for me to be home, because I got back a lot sooner than normal. I guess winter cold is good for efficiency, if nothing else. I guess the picture I'm posting today isn't all that bad, but that speaks to the beauty of Wash Park more than the day.

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