Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Seven Hundred Forty-Three

December 19, 2017
7.35 Miles in 1:11:56
Mood: Not looking forward to negative temps.
Soundtrack: Cousin Sal's Against All Odds Podcast / Jack Garratt "Phase"

I had to get out for a run this morning, as many of the morning temperatures for the rest of this week project to be in the negatives. I hate a negative sign in a temperature. It's bad form. Today wasn't bad, though, so I'll enjoy this decent winter weather before the hideousness sets in.

I stayed on the Highline for most of this run. Today's photo comes as I was just about to get on to the trail for the first time. There is a giant tree in front of Goodson Rec Center, and in the summer kids will climb up this tree regularly, but in the winter they put pretty lights on it and it doubles as a Christmas Tree. (The sturdy kind that doesn't mind the snow.)

It's a big tree, and I love the angle from this picture.

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