Friday, December 1, 2017

Seven Hundred Thirty-Three

November 30, 2017
7.37 Miles in 1:13:21
Mood: Slow, but supplied.
Soundtrack: Dead and Dreaming: An Indie Tribute to Counting Crows / Counting Crows "Hard Candy"

The first half of this run doubled as a supply run for Pokemon Go supplies. I think that when I'm circling the Streets at Southglenn that my speeds register as lower due to the fact that I change direction a lot more often than when I run in a more straight line. I notice everytime that I'm running there that my speeds are usually in excess of 10 minutes per mile, which is pretty slow for me. Then I usually pick up the pace if I run elsewhere with less turning. I was a little bummed to have such a slow time, but I was happy to be able to load up with supplies, so I'll just live with it.

I really love how Southglenn has adorned their fireplace with Christmas decorations. They are festive, but not gaudy. Thought it looked really nice.

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