Monday, February 26, 2018

Seven Hundred Seventy-Seven

February 25, 2018
7.32 Miles in 1:10:23
Mood: Over the moon with happiness.
Soundtrack: The Shims "Heartworms"

This weekend was a simply killer one. There was a Pokemon Go Dratini event which was amazing, my basketball boys finished our season with a decisive victory and then we celebrated by eating Dairy Queen, my family took part in a sweet Clue Room game in which we had an hour to decipher the clues to "escape" the clutches of the Queen of Hearts, and I was able to have a fun Daddy-Daughter date getting desert at Old Chicago with my little girl. All in all, just a fabulous weekend, and so I am taking it as a very good omen indeed if a white balloon ever pops up out of nowhere and floats along a field of snow. I think this can only mean good things, as it happened to me on my Sunday morning run, and therefore must mean something. (Probably it doesn't mean anything, but it was a surreal moment in a beautiful weekend.)

It might actually mean very little, but it makes for a cool picture.

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