Friday, February 23, 2018

Seven Hundred Seventy-Six

February 23, 2018
6.76 Miles in 1:11:23
Mood: Motivated by odd things.
Soundtrack: Modest Mouse "Strangers To Ourselves" / The Oh Hellos "Dear Wormwood"

It was cold outside, and I didn't feel like running that much today, but two things got my out of my warm bed: 1. February is super short and I needed to logs some miles to comfortably reach 100 before it ends. 2. I needed Pokemon supplies for the Community Day event on Saturday. Without those two factors, I might have slept in, but thanks to them, I spent a mostly uninspiring morning circling Southglenn and a little bit of DeKoevend Park. It wasn't an inspiring run, but a meh run still counts and I was glad I went by the time I was finished. My supplies are now topped off and I'm only a few miles away from from my 50th month in a row of 100 miles run.

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