Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Seven Hundred Ninety-One

March 25, 2018
7.24 Miles in 1:09:42
Mood: Coming Home to Wash Park
Soundtrack: The Walking Dead 'Cast / Ben Folds Five "The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind"

It had been a few weeks since I did my Sunday run at Wash Park, and I missed it. Wash Park feels like home on an early Sunday morning, so I enjoyed my homecoming. There was a Bulbasaur event happening later on in Pokemon Go, and I was legit excited for it. This run felt like the preliminaries, as I was busy pressing the button on my Go Plus and loading up for later in the day. I do that on all my runs, and yet today it felt preparatory.  The actual run itself wasn't terribly noteworthy, but it felt like getting back into a familiar pattern, and that felt good.

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