Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Eight Hundred Six

April 29, 2018
15.32 Miles (Biked) in 1:42:45
Mood: Getting into the groove of the bike life.
Soundtrack: Jack Johnson "In Between Dreams" and TV on the Radio "Seeds"

With my bike tire fixed, I was back on the road and ready to put in what I would consider my first REAL morning bike ride. This was the first morning where my bike was really fully operational and I had put in a few miles getting myself out of runner mode and shifted into bike mode. I am now solidly in bike mode, and am starting to enjoy it quite a bit. I still am pretty stiff and sore when I am finished, but it is getting less painful.

My original plan had been to take along my Pokemon Go Plus and catch Pokes while riding, but the battery on it died, and when I went back to fix the problem, I remembered that I had lent out my toolbox to a neighbor who was moving, and I didn't have access to my tiny screwdriver, so I had to forego catching Pokes during a really great special Pokemon Go event, which bummed me out briefly, but the morning was so beautiful, I didn't stay bummed out for long.

It's hard to be too bummed out when spring is in full effect, the weather is beautiful, and a great many of the trees are pink. The pink blooms are already starting to blow off of the trees, so I'm afraid there isn't much pink tree time left, but I'm enjoying it while I can. Not only are they beautiful, they are a very pleasing fragrance as well. But best of all, they mean that winter is over!

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