Friday, June 22, 2018

Eight Hundred Twenty-Five

June 20, 2018
6.73 Miles in 1:06:40
Mood: Engrossed in TV talk and taking pictures of weeds.
Soundtrack: Westworld 'Cast

So technically, thistles are weeds, and once they dry out and get all prickly and brown, I get it. However, at this stage with they are vibrant pink...I dig em. I spent this run at a much slower pace than Sunday at Wash Park, but it was still a beautiful morning and I felt pretty good for the most part. I was engrossed in a podcast about Westworld, a show which I am currently watching through a second time. I NEVER watch shows twice, but this show is so rich with details and has so many surprise twists and turns that watching it a second time is almost like watching a different show, as I see places where they weave their complicated plot in ways I could not have possibly understood upon first viewing. Listening to a podcast about it gives me even more so chew on, and I dig that.

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