Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Eight Hundred Thirty-Seven

July 25, 2018
5.89 Miles in 57:27
Mood: Patriotic!
Soundtrack: Counting Crows: "Across a Wire (Live in New York)" and "August & Everything After - Live at Town Hall"

I know this run was on the shorter side, and based on the colors of the map, it looks pretty slow, but I swear I felt great for the majority of this run. I fell apart a bit at the end with a mild low blood sugar, which really killed my groove, but there was a definite groove hit on this run, and it felt good.

Also, I chose this photo because July is the most patriotic of all months, and it's harder to get more patriotic than this American Flag/Eagle wind mobile thing. I'm not gonna lie, this is both ridiculous and wonderful.

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