Friday, July 20, 2018

Eight Hundred Thirty-Six

July 20, 2018
6.11 Miles in 1:00:20
Mood: The cleansing feeling of letting go.
Soundtrack: Jimmy Buffett "Songs You Know By Heart" / Arctic Monkeys "AM"

We piled up a significant mound of garbage for collection this morning. Jen has been going through our storage closet with reckless abandon, and we are doing our best to cast nostalgia to the side and ditch stuff we clearly no longer need. We are far from hoarders, but it's amazing how much junk can collect in your house over the period of sixteen years. It's kind of freeing to consign so many useless items to the dustbin of history (and the literal dustbin of the junkyard), and now we have SO MUCH ROOM in our storage closet. So good job, Jen.

This run was one I have done many times before along the Highline Canal, and I have recently taken to calling it "the hook" for obvious reasons if you look at the map below. I actually ran further than I registered, but one chunk of my run was done with my running app on pause, so I only get 6.11 miles of credit, but that's okay...I still get the health benefits of that extra half mile.

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