Thursday, August 9, 2018

Eight Hundred Forty-Four

August 9, 2018
5.02 Miles in 50:56
Mood: Dragging butt a bit.
Soundtrack: Jerryd James "Thirty One" and "High"

I felt so tired and broken this morning. I had gotten plenty of rest, and shouldn't have felt this way, but for some reason this was a tough morning run. I had to resort to walking far more than I wanted to, and I didn't feel good. This happens from time to time, and hopefully my next outing will go least I managed five miles, which is better than nothing.

As for today's photo, this apple tree is really starting to produce some impressive fruit. (By Colorado apple standards.) It's weird seeing apples grow here, as this isn't exactly the ideal climate for them, but here they go growing all the same.

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