Thursday, August 16, 2018

Eight Hundred Forty-Six

August 16, 2018
7.25 Miles in 1:11:29
Mood: I'm late, I'm late, for a not that important date.
Soundtrack: Footsteps on Gravel

Two nights ago, my old blind dog got stuck behind our bed, and in her mania to get free jerked the cord to my alarm clock out of the wall. I reset it, but in doing so inadvertently transposed AM with PM, which meant that when my alarm was set to go off in what I intended it to be as this morning at 5:33, it actually was set to go off this evening at 5:33. This meant that I awoke at two minutes to six this morning, and was nearly a half hour behind schedule.

I thought about just abandoning running, but I really wanted to get out there after a long and arduous day at work the day before. So I hurried through my morning routine, and got out the door just a little behind schedule. This feeling of being a bit late actually helped, as it motivated me to push hard and run with fewer breaks, and I actually managed to break the seven mile mark this morning, which is my usual goal, but one I have not been hitting nearly as often lately.

My being in a hurry also meant that as I began my run about two minutes walk away from home, I declined to head back into the house to grab my earbuds as that would have put me further behind, so I ended up running with no music, which was actually a nice change of pace. Every now and then, it's good to actually hear the world around you while running. I did notice that many more bikers proclaim "On your left" than I realized and also many people say "Good morning" in a very low voice that I probably miss when I'm listening to music. (I wave to pretty much EVERYONE I pass, so I doubt too many people think I'm being antisocial when I don't hear them.)

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