Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Eight Hundred Forty-Three

August 7, 2018
5.53 Miles in 55:05
Mood: I still have two arms.
Soundtrack: Robert DeLong "Just Movement" / Jack Garratt "Phase"

I hit the wall on this run, and never really recovered. Hence only achieving five and a half miles. Still, it felt good up until that point, and it was a lovely morning. I know that the map posted below shows a rainy icon, but it wasn't even close to raining. It was sunny and wonderful, and that weather report is fake news.

I saw a one armed man while on this run. Thankfully he didn't kill my wife and frame me for it. (The Fugitive reference). He looked happy and friendly, and I started thinking about what life would be like with half the arms I have now. I'm not eager to test it out, but it was cool to see this guy out and about and looking happy. You go, one armed man!

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