Thursday, November 8, 2018

Eight Hundred Seventy-Eight

November 8, 2018
12.61 Miles (Biked) in 1:15:39
Mood: What am I?
Soundtrack: Still no new earbuds

I can't decide if I'm transforming into a biker or am still just a runner rehabbing a sore foot. There are definite things I like about biking. The numbers are higher! It's much more fun to say you did 12.61 miles of something than 7.1 miles of something, even if the running of the shorter distance is much tougher than the biking of the longer distance. It feels more impressive. In addition to being able to say you put in more miles, you actually travel more miles, so you can go further and see more things. The radius of places I can travel to and then back from on a morning stint is about twice as large. Also nice about biking...I don't get as sweaty. Perhaps I'm not actually getting as much exercise too, but being less sweaty at the end of a workout is nice.

The things I don't like as much: My feet get so cold on my bike. When I'm running, the constant plodding on the ground tends to keep my feet warm and toasty, but when those toes are sitting lazily upon the pedals, they tend to form into solid blocks of ice. When I was walking back into the house this morning, it felt like my feet had just solidified into large ambiguous frozen clumps at the bottom of my legs, most unpleasurable. Also when I'm on my bike, I feel less free to stop into a business while working out. I can still do it, but I have to leave my bike outside. This was fine when I was riding a 20 year old Wal-Mart bike that no one in their right mind would steal, but now, I am unwilling to risk my new expensive property by just leaving it outside for any random hoodlum to abscond with.

Probably I'm going to mix it with with both running and biking once my foot feels up to it, especially now that I've invested a sizable sum in a good bike.

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