Monday, November 26, 2018

Eight Hundred Eighty-One

November 19, 2018
30.05 Miles (Biked) in 3:01:25
Mood: Time for a long one.
Soundtrack: The Walking Dead 'Cast / The Bill Simmons Podcast

I had the entire day off, so I didn't get started super early in the morning, but I still was determined to go a LOOONG way on this ride. The weather was pretty nice, and I just knew that had a long ride in me. At one point, about halfway through, my wife called and asked where I was. When I told her that I was currently in Downtown Denver, I think it threw her.

I saw a ton of cool stuff on the road, but my favorite picture was of this Broncos mural right near Broadway and I-25. I took this photo just in time, because almost immediately after I snapped it a large van pulled right into the spot blocking the Broncos logo.

After finishing up this long ride, I didn't take it easy, however, as my son and a couple of his friends decided that we needed go down to the park and play Ultimate Frisbee. Needless to say, I slept very well on this particular evening.

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