Thursday, December 6, 2018

Eight Hundred Eighty-Five

November 30, 2018
31.97 Miles (Biked) in 2:48:47
Mood: Flying through Denver.
Soundtrack: Mumford & Sons "Delta"

I had a day off, and I was going to go a long way. This was all I knew. The weather was nice-ish, and I had a hankering to take off on the trail that follows the South Platte River. It took me through some rather ugly industrial neighborhoods, but there are many pretty places where all you can see is rivers and trees. I had run on sections of this trail before, but never had I seen so much of it at one time. I took it all the way to the Broncos Stadium (Where your company's name can replace this temporary sign if the price is right!), and then made it to confluence park ever so briefly before heading back down the Cherry Creek Trail and through Wash Park towards home.

My splits showed that I was hauling tail...I've never averaged anything close to a 5:17 per mile pace. And when I got home, I was tired, but not exhausted. It was fun getting a chance to go so long and see so much, and I was glad to grab that chance while listening through the new Mumford & Sons album a few times. Twas a great way to wrap up November.

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