Friday, February 22, 2019

Nine Hundred Eleven

February 22, 2019
5.35 Miles in 58:27
Mood: Feeling good on a Friday.
Soundtrack: The Walking Deadcast / Slaid Cleaves "Sorrow and Smoke"

My calves were aching so bad when I finished this run, but in a good way. As if they were thankful for having been pushed so hard. You wouldn't recognize it by my distance or speed, but this felt like a very strong run, and I was very happy with it when it was over. I find myself staying at Streets at Southglenn when I run lately for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it allows me to load up on Pokemon Go supplies, which is very helpful. Secondly, I can get in miles, but if I suddenly feel wiped out, I will not find myself miles away from home, which is a bad feeling when you have no choice but to meander back home feeling wiped.

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