Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Nine Hundred Thirteen

February 26, 2019
4.51 Miles in 49:36
Mood: Watch out, someone is mangling toys!
Soundtrack: Fleet Foxes "Helplessness Blues"

It is hardly ever foggy in Denver, so waking up to this scene is kind of awesome. I was able to stare at the sun as it rose, because there was so much fog, it was only giving off a warm glow. Turns out, the sun comes up pretty dang fast when you can watch it rising. It looked particularly cool from this vantage point overlooking the park.

This run was once again circling Streets at Southglenn. The theme for this particular day was mangled toys, as I came across a mangled lego minifigure and a strange monster toy with it's head chopped off. The lego man was a police officer, and he was scratched up badly and missing a leg, and all I could think was someone yelling into their radio, "Officer Down!" The monster toy was sitting atop a trash can, and it looked menacing. I didn't care for that.

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