Monday, March 4, 2019

Nine Hundred Fifteen

March 3, 2019
3.50 Miles in 36:01
Mood: Running with Blizzards.
Soundtrack: Maggie Rogers "Heard it in a Past Life"

I woke up early Sunday morning considering running, but it had snowed all night and the temperature at the time I got up was a balmy 5 degrees. I decided to head back to bed and then go for a run that afternoon. It was slightly warmer when I did go, but it was also snowing pretty solidly. You can't see the snow in this picture, but believe me, it was snowing. At one point it was coming down so hard and I passed another park jogger and thought to myself, "What are we doing?"

It was one of those days at Wash Park where there were about as many cross country skiers using the park as joggers. The thing is, once you get used to it, it actually felt really good. There was ice on the ground, but it wasn't overly slick, and the chill keeps you moving. I quit after two laps because my phone's battery was almost completely drained and because I felt like I SHOULD stop running due to the weather. I wasn't all that tired, and felt like I had another lap or two in me, but decided not to push it, especially since I'd lose the ability to track the run, catch Pokemon, and listen to music once the phone died.

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