Friday, March 15, 2019

Nine Hundred Twenty

March 15, 2019
4.41 Miles in 48:04
Mood: Big burgers and flat tires.
Soundtrack: The Head and The Heart "Signs of Light"

That is a very large picture of a hamburger. It's a little hard to tell from this photo, but just know that this hamburger is definitely larger than I am.

This run started out okay...I was confining myself to Southglenn because we had an intense snow storm a couple of days ago. They called it a bomb cyclone. This sounds like a fake term, and you know that everyone thought that because every time the news discussed it, they assured us it was a scientific term. What it meant to us in real terms is a whole lot of ice and snow, and I was sent home halfway through the day on Wednesday. The remaining snow and ice made the normal streets kind of unrunnable, but Southglenn is always clear because of commerce and the need for clear sidewalks.

The biggest bummer of this run is that it was cut short by a call from my wife who let me know that one of our vehicles had a flat tire. This is an unfun way to end a run that had felt pretty good. I was going to make it to five miles easy...maybe even six. Oh well, next time!

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