Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Nine Hundred Fifty-One

May 22, 2019
5.80 Miles in 1:00:12
Mood: Liar liar, photo on fire.
Soundtrack: The Head and The Heart "Living Mirage"

This photo is a lie. It was gray and overcast almost the entire morning, and I spent 90% of this run circling the Streets at Southglenn, and yet for the brief period where I was on the Highline Canal, the sun came out for just a few minutes, so it looks like it was a beautiful run on the Canal trail when really it was a gloomy morning at the outdoor mall. It was still a nice time, but it's funny how this picture tells so little of the true story. On the plus side, it wasn't snowing this morning. It was snowing 24 hours previously which is why I didn't run on Tuesday because I didn't feel like being soaking wet and freezing.

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