Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Nine Hundred Forty-Eight

May 14, 2019
3.70 Miles in 38:06
Mood: Stupid diabetes.
Soundtrack: Vaudeville Etiquette "Debutantes & Dealers" / Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness "Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness"

Diabetes is a bummer. I was doing decently at the beginning of this run, but then I was waylaid by a low blood sugar, and I was pretty much done. I ate my Almond Butter that I keep for these types of situations, tried to run just a little more, and then ended up walking home. Those low blood sugars just wreck a run. I hate them.

Pink tree season is just about over, but I found this odd tree that was almost entirely green but for a few flowers of pink. That's a bit unusual, and it looked pretty cool.

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