Friday, May 3, 2019

Nine Hundred Forty-Two

May 2, 2019
4.17 Miles in 43:12
Mood: Pondering the squirrel-flower epidemic.
Soundtrack: Passenger "All The Little Lights" and "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"

This squirrel was just staring at me. I think all the white flowers have some sort of intoxicating effect on squirrels. At one point I swear I ran past a tree where a squirrel was just eating flowers. Like it was some sort of petal buffet. He was going to town. This guy must have already eaten enough to get stoned, as he was just kind of chilling out on the branch staring at me like a pothead might chill out in front of a lava lamp. He let me get exceptionally close and didn't scamper away as squirrels are prone to do. I'm worried about the long-lasting effects that these flowers are having on young squirrels.

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