Thursday, June 6, 2019

Nine Hundred Fifty-Eight

June 6, 2019
5.86 Miles in 59:28
Mood: Blurry and off balance to a spectacular degree.
Soundtrack: Pearl Jam "Ten" and Manchester Orchestra "A Black Mile To The Surface"

I have two pairs of glasses. The nice pair that is my current prescription and get worn at almost all times, and the old pair with an outdated prescription that only gets worn when I exercise because my new ones will not stay on my nose when I sweat. I accidentally wore the good pair as I left the house this morning, and I noticed it within 500 yards of home, but decided not to go back and switch them out..."I'll be FINE!" I said. I was not fine. I got sweaty, and within a mile, I decided to just rip them off my face and into my pocket because the constant sliding down my nose is uncomfortable and just so annoying.

So I spent most of the morning looking at the world as if it were an impressionist painting. (Because without my glasses everything is blurry.) All was fine, and I managed to get almost all the way back home without incident, but while coming home through the streets of southglenn I took a bad step, got knocked off balance, and couldn't recover in time and I hit the ground like a sack of hammers. Miraculously, I was able to fall gracefully enough to not scrape myself up or smash my glasses which were in my pocket. The tiny woman who was walking directly towards me at the time did the neighborly thing and asked if I was okay. I'm not sure what she would have done if I had said, "No...please help me up!" because as I said...she was tiny. I told her I was fine while lying awkwardly on the sidewalk and then a group of guys across the street also yelled, "YOU OKAY, BRO?!?" I sheepishly said yes, and then headed home. So it was a blurry fally run, but it still felt good.

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