Friday, August 2, 2019

Nine Hundred Eighty

August 2, 2019
7.23 Miles in 1:13:50
Mood: Slow and damp wins the race.
Soundtrack: Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

Today was a good day for very fast skinny people to fly past me like I was standing still. The first time it happened it was this rail thin girl in her twenties who passed me so quickly that I was legitimately startled, and she ran to where I could no longer see in in a matter of moments. She was super fast! Then about three miles later, it was a guy wearing those really tiny runner shorts without a shirt...also insanely skinny, also blowing past me light lightning. I get passed on a fairly regular basis, as I am far from a speed demon, but these two did it with style and panache...and speed. Don't forget the speed.

Today was also the most humid I can ever remember Colorado being for a run. It felt almost like I was in Mississippi. By the time I was finished I was drenched in sweat, even though it hadn't really gotten all that hot out, just the humidity made everything feel super wet. It rained last night, but this was something super unusual. I can't remember a wetter summer in this state. It's been nuts.

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