Thursday, September 12, 2019

One Thousand

September 12, 2019
7.55 Miles in 1:17:12
Mood: Dragons and Chill.
Soundtrack: The Mountain Goats "All Eternals Deck"

This was an epic moment in the history of this blog, if not necessarily all that significantly interesting of a run. ONE THOUSAND POSTS! I had to find something significant to photograph to match this landmark moment. Didn't think I'd find anything cool...and then I found a dragon! Dragons are pretty cool.

In addition to being the ONE THOUSANDTH POST, this run also signaled the first major sign that the days of running in shorts will soon be coming to an end. It was 46 degrees outside when I left the house, and the first 15 minutes or so felt legitimately cold. Shorts season isn't over yet, but it's days are dwindling to be sure.

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