Saturday, October 5, 2019

One Thousand Twelve

October 4, 2019
8.11 Miles in 1:19:10
Mood: Strong like bull! Let's never stop.
Soundtrack: Barenaked Ladies "The Barenaked Ladies are Me"

I have to be honest, I took this picture the day before. This run, however, was one for the record books. I did all 8.11 miles without stopping. I never do that. My longest previous uninterrupted run was when I ran the Bolder Boulder with my brother in 2013, and that was only 6.1 miles. I just felt good, and decided I would keep on moving, and I never got so tired that I felt I needed to take a break. By the time I made it over halfway, I pretty much decided I was going to push myself all the way home. I am very proud of this run, even if not stopping meant I never took a picture, which means I had to use a picture from the day before. To be fair, I did run past this scene on today's run.

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