Tuesday, October 29, 2019

One Thousand Twenty-Four

October 29, 2019
7.24 Miles in 1:22:56
Mood: Slippin' and Slidin' away!
Soundtrack: Blitzen Trapper "Furr"

This run was ridiculous. Probably shouldn't have done it. It was snowing the whole time, and for a good portion of the time, it was snowing HARD. There were guys with shovels, probably about 12 of them, trying to clear the snow from around Southglenn, but they were just going in circles as by the time they had reached the other end of Southglenn, their shoveling had mostly been rendered useless by fresh snow. On top of that, they were not putting down any ice melt, so all the removal of the snow did was expose the very slippery ice underneath. I slipped at several different times while doing these seven miles, and I had to be careful which meant that I was running at a ridiculously slow speed to keep from falling.

Still, once it was all over, I felt a sense of accomplishment. Partly for running the seven miles, partly for surviving running the seven miles. I'm thankful that tomorrow is a rest day. I've had quite enough snow for the month of October...it's starting to get out of hand.

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