Friday, November 22, 2019

One Thousand Thirty-Five

November 22, 2019
8.00 Miles in 1:11:07
Mood: Moving fast and avoiding the drifts
Soundtrack: The Avett Brothers "Closer Than Together"

So much snow. That was what I was thinking as I got out of bed a couple of minutes before my alarm was set to wake up up so that I could look out my window. I turned off the alarm and got back into bed, and might have just stayed there if the fact that skipping this run would put me dangerously behind schedule for hitting 100 miles in November. Then I thought to myself that I can always run at the Rec Center, and I reluctantly decided to get moving in that direction.

I arrived at Goodson, and headed to the track, and just started running. I felt remarkably good. When you haven't run in shorts for a few months, you forget just how much better shorts are than jogging pants. I also don't know what got into me, but I ran 8:53 miles, which is waaaaaaay faster than I usually go. I also managed to do all 8 miles without stopping once, and this was the first time my running app seemed to track my distance on the track just about perfectly. It's supposed to be 10 laps per mile, and in the past, that hasn't always worked out. However, on this particular morning, every time I hit that 10th lap, the app alerted me that I had just completed another mile. It was astonishingly accurate today. 80 laps, 8 miles. (and zero snow that I had to run through.)

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