Friday, November 15, 2019

One Thousand Thirty-Two

November 15, 2019
8.08 Miles in 1:23:52
Mood: My camera seemed to be exaggerating
Soundtrack: Milk Carton Kids "Prologue"

Usually I see these amazing things in nature, but when I go to take pictures of them, the photo does reality no justice. This morning was a weird reversal of that phenomenon. The morning sky didn't seem all that glorious this morning, yet when I took a picture, the clouds showed up in the photo as much more dramatic and pretty than they looked in real life. That pretty much never happens.

I took this photo right as I was about to begin my run, and I thought it looked so cool that I didn't bother taking any more pictures and focused on running hard. I tried to stop as few times as possible, and while I did need to stop a handful of times, this run was pretty intense with very few breaks.

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