Saturday, November 9, 2019

One Thousand Twenty-Eight

November 8, 2019
8.01 Miles in 1:22:24
Mood: Woah, early!
Soundtrack: The Avett Brothers "A Carolina Jubilee" and "Closer Than Together"

I woke up half an hour earlier than my usual before dawn wake up call for this run. I knew I needed to leave work early, but I still wanted to get in a run since I hadn't run since Tuesday, so the best option seemed to be to get up in the middle of the night. I actually woke up even before my alarm went off, and I flew threw my morning routine and so well before six in the morning, I was off and running.

I arrived at DeKoevend Park so early that the lights on the shelter were still on (pictured above), I had never seen these lights before, and mixed with the extreme frost that was covering everything, I thought the glow of the lights seemed particularly warm. I really like this picture, even though it isn't of anything all that extraordinary. I just like how the light works in it.

I also see this couple that I would estimate to be in their late sixties almost every morning when I run north on the Highline. They are more regular than a fiber factory...walking EVERY day (Or so it feels) along the same path. I saw them much earlier in the morning this time, and they were much further north on the road...which makes sense as I was running way earlier than normal, and surely they were on their normal routine, but it still felt weird to not see them in the same general locale that I always see them...even if it was my change that caused it not theirs.

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