Thursday, November 7, 2019

One Thousand Twenty-Six

November 3, 2019
7.76 Miles in 1:16:36
Mood: Trippy van, much?
Soundtrack: The Hold Steady "Thrashing Thru The Passion"

This run had many memorable moments including a squirrel that had zero fear walking right up to me and freaking me out a bit because it almost felt like he was going to run up my leg like I was a tree. I think he was just looking for a handout, and had been fed enough times to believe I might have a snack to feed him. Creepy squirrel.

The true moment of this run, however, was when I came face to face with this van. Goats should never have eyes like a humans, and this is why. This van is both amazing and a crime against humanity. I feel better knowing it's out in the world.

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