Thursday, December 5, 2019

One Thousand Thirty-Eight

November 27, 2019
7.31 Miles in 1:14:43
Mood: Reminiscing about turtles.
Soundtrack: The Wood Brothers "The Muse"

Sterling, Kansas is a small town. On this run, I think I ran on about 75% of it's streets. If I lived here, it would be much harder to get inspired to go for a run, because there is a severely limited amount of interesting places to go. I am not cut out for the small town life, although the photo from today brought up a good memory. We were in Sterling for the 4th of July a few years ago, and every year the town does a big party at their lake (Seen in the background.) In 2016, they erected these two turtle statues to commemorate the annual turtle races. The way the race works is kids find actual live turtles and...I kid you not...they decorate them. Then the turtles are all placed in the middle of a big circle, and the first one to exit the circle in any direction wins. It is way more exciting than you'd think, and fully worthy of a pair of statues.

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