Friday, January 31, 2020

One Thousand Sixty-Five

January 31, 2020
6.69 Miles in 1:07:41
Mood: Trying not to slip.
Soundtrack: TV on the Radio "Seeds"

After running around Southglenn on Tuesday by choice, I felt almost forced to do the same this morning. For the past two evenings it has snowed for about an hour at around 7:00. This isn't a lot of snow, but somehow it had fallen hard enough to cause almost almost all of the sidewalks in our neighborhood to be quite icy. Even the usually well manicured sidewalks of The Streets at Southglenn were a little treacherous for awhile this morning. The good news is that it's supposed to get close to 70 degrees as a high on both Saturday and Sunday, so this slipperiness should be a thing of the past quite soon.

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