Tuesday, March 24, 2020

One Thousand Eighty-Four

March 11, 2020
7.65 Miles in 1:15:46
Mood: The last morning of normalcy before panemania kicked in.
Soundtrack: Burlap to Cashmere "Burlap to Cashmere"

This would be the day that the world would vastly change, only I didn't know as I was running around Southglenn. I would get home from work, take my kids to Youth Group, and while they were there the entire NBA would shut down and Tom Hanks would announce that he had Covid-19, and the fact that we were entering a pandemic that would shift the world would become real for first time. This particular morning, however, I was just running around Southglenn before going in to work. No idea things were about to get very weird.

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