Tuesday, March 3, 2020

One Thousand Eighty

March 3, 2020
5.54 Miles in 56:48
Mood: Low blood sugars are the worst.
Soundtrack: The Killers "Wonderful Wonderful" and Josh Joplin Group "Useful Music"

This run started out promisingly, as I was able to run on a section of the Highline Canal for the first time in awhile. However, after about two miles I started feeling weird. My legs were stiff, and it felt like a low blood sugar was coming on. I ate my peanut butter which I carry for such situations, and it helped a little, but I ended up walking the last couple miles as the blood sugar hit and as it always does when that happens, my body just couldn't sustain a run. I ended up with a disappointing amount of mileage, but still decent at five and a half miles. Here's hoping things work out better next time.

On a positive note, this house that always decorates for Saint Patrick's Day is all decorated for Saint Patrick's Day. This is a unique one, as I don't see too many places that get all decked out in the green like this.

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