Tuesday, April 7, 2020

One Thousand Ninety-Seven

April 7, 2020
8.40 Miles in 1:26:41
Mood: Kinda tired.
Soundtrack: The Avett Brothers "A Carolina Jubilee" and "The Carpenter"

I feel like this mannequin is as sick of corona virus as we all are. She just looks over it. (But in a cool way.) I ran around a deserted outdoor mall this morning while taking pictures of mannequins in windows like a crazy person because nothing makes sense anymore, so why not? Mostly, I'm tired of not being able to go and do things...(other than running, thank God I can still do that.) And I'm tired of uncertainty. I want to know when sports will start up again and I can go back to working from the office, and go to restaurants and go see a movie, and meet up with friends, and not have to avoid all other humans like the literal plague. I feel like I'd be able to cope better if I knew when it was all going to end. Having a finish line to work towards helps you feel like you aren't running endlessly. Egad.

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