Tuesday, April 7, 2020

One Thousand Ninety-Six

April 5, 2020
8.07 Miles in 1:19:22
Mood: Cracking under the Covid Stress.
Soundtrack: Shovels and Rope "O' Be Joyful" and "By Blood"

This is the first run where I'm showing signs of beginning to crack under the corona virus paranoia. I originally had intended to run around Wash Park, but there were enough people running there that it was difficult to maintain that arbitrary 6 feet of distance we have been told we must maintain between others to stop Covid-19 from spreading. I was trying hard, but just decided it'd be better for my own peace of mind to just run the city streets for the most part and head up from Wash Park to Cheesman Park and back. Fewer people to avoid that way, and it's a pleasant run. So I got a little bit of a taste of the Wash Park that I love without having the stress of having to avoid folks the whole time, and I got to visit this spot, which is the site of one of my favorite Pokemon Go Gyms.

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