Monday, May 18, 2020

Eleven Hundred Fourteen

May 14, 2020
5.18 Miles in 53:44
Mood: The Low Blood Sugar Blues.
Soundtrack: Gravel crunching underfoot

This run started out rough, and then got worse, and then turned into a walk. I listened to about half of the first song on the newest Vampire Weekend album, and then the batteries on my earbuds died. I was close enough to head back home to get a different pair, but I figured I'd just go music free on this one. I didn't feel at top form, but the first four miles or so were going okay, but then I felt a low blood sugar coming on. I ate my emergency peanut butter in hopes that it'd pull me through, but the damage was done, and the low blood sugar sapped my ability to sustain a running pace. I tried for about another mile, and then finally gave up and walked the rest of the way home. Diabetes doesn't cramp my style too often, but when it does, I get annoyed. At least I got five miles in first, but this was NOT the greatest run.

Right before I threw in the towel on the run, I saw this sign in a park. For some, the idea that we are all in this together must be comforting, but to me it just makes me think how everyone is having a rough time with the pandemic. That just bums me out, but then I focus on how fortunate I am even in the face of this pandemic, and then I feel a little better. Plus I remember that even this feels like it's going to last forever, it won't. Eventually things will return to some form of normal that feels a lot better than this.

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