Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Eleven Hundred Thirteen

May 12, 2020
9.55 Miles in 1:37:03
Mood: Knowing where I'm going, no matter what.
Soundtrack: Mumford & Sons "Delta" and "Wilder Mind"

Usually when I go running, I don't really know where I'm headed until I just start moving in a direction. Not this run. On this run, I began with a notion that I was going to Westlands Park, so I started out in that direction, and even when I realized that it was going to end up being a real long run because of that choice, I just kept moving that way. I felt like I had accomplished something when I least until I realized I had to run all the way back, too. Then I felt a little foolish, but I knew I could make it back...even though I knew it was going to be a long trip. I ended up just shy of ten miles, and made this the second Tuesday in a row where I surpassed nine miles.

I'm pretty sure I've posted a picture of these playground hands before on the blog, but if I'm going to Westlands, I'm taking a picture of these things. It's just going to happen.

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