Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Eleven Hundred Thirty-Four

June 28, 2020
8.59 Miles in 1:27:05
Mood: Colorado never felt so good.
Soundtrack: Boy & Bear "Suck on Light"

I was extremely glad to be back in the relative cool of Colorado for my Sunday run. It only took two runs in Arizona heat to make a Denver summer day feel cool and welcoming! I continued my recent trend of running around Wash Park just a little and then running a lot through the surrounding neighborhoods. This time I didn't even start at Wash Park and only hit just a little corner of it in passing. I also saw all sorts of new things that I had never experienced before in the local neighborhood including this tremendous tree stump carving which has little intricate gnome style houses on it. I very much liked this, as did I like just being back in Denver for a run. Feels good to be home, man!

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