Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Eleven Hundred Ninety


October 28, 2020
7.05 Miles in 1:13:16
Mood: Here there be dragons
Soundtrack: The Decemberists "What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World" and "Hazards of Love" and "Be Your Girl"

After running in snow on Sunday, I avoided hitting the road for a few days and found myself needing to get back on my grind. It was warmer than it had been the past couple of mornings, but still below freezing. The trails are still covered in snow, so I found myself running on the streets of Littleton...something I do much more often in the winter than the summer because the trails are never snowpacked in June. The good thing about running on streets I don't usually run on is that occasionally you find a house that has a gaggle of inflatable dragons in their yard. Not sure what dragons have to do with Halloween, but I also don't care because really I'd be perfectly happy if there were dragons in people's front yards year round, and really dragons are better than ghosts and ghouls. 

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