Monday, November 16, 2020

Eleven Hundred Ninety-Nine


November 15, 2020
7.58 Miles in 1:13:41
Mood: So many Yorkies!
Soundtrack: Twenty One Pilots "Trench"

This person has four Yorkies. I once had one Yorkie, and the amount of insanity that alone brought was pretty sizable. I cannot imagine a world where I own four Yorkies and stay sane. I loved mine, she was my favorite dog I ever had, but there is so much spice in that little package, multiply that by four and God knows what might happen. Keep this person in your thoughts and prayers.

Also, I was pretty proud of myself this run. My first lap around the park I meandered a bit, but once I began the second lap, I buckled down and finished two straight laps (approximately 5 miles) without stopping once. It felt great! 

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