Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Eleven Hundred Ninety-Seven


November 11, 2020
7.85 Miles in 1:20:24
Mood: Cold and Electricity Tower pondering.
Soundtrack: TV on the Radio "Dear Science"

It was a circle Southglenn kind of morning, and then topped off by a few Highline miles. It took me awhile to get out the door this morning because it was 17 degrees outside when I woke up, and I just wasn't excited to get out into the cold. Once I did, though, it was a pretty nice morning. I took a photo of this thing today, because I didn't really see anything else to take a picture of, and I was kind of struck this morning by just how enormous these electricity towers are. Seriously, it's really big. Those are full sized cottonwood trees and they are just dwarfed.

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