Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Twelve Hundred Twenty-Five


January 12, 2021
7.15 Miles in 1:16:18
Mood: Let's run around in circles on this beautiful morning. 
Soundtrack: Family and Friends "Felix Culpa"

I often run around Southglenn to avoid ice and snow build up. As you can see by the photo above, that was not the case today. Compare how warm and inviting Tuesday morning was compared to my Wash Park photo from two days ago! The snow is melting and we are experiencing a January warmup. Temps might even break 60 degrees tomorrow! Of course, it's still the dead of winter, so more snow and cold is coming, but I'll take the nice days when they show up.

I spent this nice day running in my snow day spot because I wanted to beef up my Pokemon Go supplies, of course. Running in circles around this shopping center is a surefire way to get a lot of useful stuff very quickly! So it was a successful morning both in that I got some exercise, and I loaded up on my silly video game. Win-win!

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